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Nazi swords

Police NCO Officers Nazi Sword WW2The Police/Fire Service (Polizei und Feuerwehr), two main designs dependent upon rank.
The Police Sword (Polizeidegen) was available initially in patterns similar to the Third Reich Army Saber, however a standardised approach was taken that covered all the Police organisations, that led to the two styles most often seen, those that were available to Officers and NCOs. The Police emblem however was prominently placed on the grip of both swords.

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SS Degen WW2 Nazi SwordThe SS (Schutzstaffel) one main design with variations for different ranks. Due to the close relationship between the Police and SS, the SS Sword or SS-Fuhrerdegen (Officers Sword), NCO Unterfuhrerdegen (NCO Sword), SS-Bewerberdegen (Officer Candidates Sword) and SS Portepeeunteroffizier (Senior SS NCO Sword), are all very similar to the Police Sword apart from the SS runes.

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Justice and prison Official WW2 Nazi SwordThe Justice and Prison Administration (Justizbeamte und Straffsvollzugsbeamte) one main pattern, various designs.
These Swords/Sabers were only worn by high ranking officials and the overall design was very ornate bearing a large eagle head, with an imposing National Socialist eagle design for the lower hit design.

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Image coming soonThe Land / Water Customs (Landzoll/Wasserzoll) one main design, minor variations, produced by 2 manufacturers.
The officials of the Landzoll often purchased Army style Sabers that were only available for their respective staff, with differences in hilt colour dependent upon manufacturer. Like the Kriegsmarine Sabers/Swords one option was to have coloured glass eyes set into the lion head hilt. The Wasserzoll staff were able to wear the Kriegsmarine Saber/Sword before 1939, but after this period a designated Saber was designed and made available for purchase.

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Image coming soonThe Diplomatic Corps (Diplomaten) one design produced by 2 manufacturers.
In 1938 the Diplomatic Degen was allowed for wear by Diplomatic officials. This elegant sword is deemed as being one of the most attractive of the Nazi period. The top of the hilt is in the design of a head of an eagle, with a Diplomaten style national emblem on the lower hilt.

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Miners Sword Nazi WW2The Mining Service (Bergbau) one main design several variations produced by three manufacturers.
Due to the importance placed upon the Mining Service a Nazi period Saber was manufactured that very closely resembled Sabers from earlier years, however due to technological advances black celluloid was used as a cheaper alternative to fish skin grips. Outwardly the Sword/Saber resembled an Army Sword/Saber, but there was no eagle and swastika emblems in the respective manufacturers designs; only the hammer and mallet Bergbau insignia.

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