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By the mid 1930s the manufacture of German daggers and German swords started to increase, and many new designs were put into production to provide prestige for the wearers, as well as work to the many thousands that were employed in the blade producing areas of Germany.

The wearing of a uniform complete with a dagger created an esprit de corps for the young men of the new Nazi organisations. The initial quality of the daggers produced was extremely high even though they were mass produced items.

A great deal of thought was undertaken firstly in the design and then into the actual competitive selling marketplace. However after 1940 material shortages made it necessary for inferior metal substitutes to be used and manpower was slowly being diverted to the actual battlefields.

The biggest issue facing the Solingen blade producing area was the Allied bombing of the area, due to the nearby steel production sites. By 1944 Daggers and Swords had been replaced by pistols, and many blade producing firms had succumbed to the relentless bombing raids; the Nazi era was coming to an end.


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