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Third Reich Miniature Daggers & Swords

Third reich Swords Daggers

During the Third Reich era many miniature daggers (and a lesser number of swords) were produced. The main reason for the manufacturing of these items was to increase the awareness of what a Company could produce in a full size example. In reality these marketing tools ranging from about 7.5 to 10 inches became the ultimate portable sales tool.

Miniatures can be found with or without inscriptions, void of anything or with the manufacturers /distributors name. There are differences in quality, as the larger of the miniatures were more commonly used by travelling sales representatives.

Only a limited number of daggers and swords were modelled in miniature as it did not make economic sense to provide a display item that would not have helped sales. An example of this would be the Diplomatic or Government Offfical Daggers, not only were there a limited number of staff in these departments; they already had a dedicated supply route of manufacturers to obtain them from.

The most commonly seen miniature is the Army dagger, with grip colours matching the wide range seen in the full size models. The most often seen trademarks are of Carl Eickhorn and Alcoso.

The 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe dagger is also found relatively frequently, with SMF and Alcoso being the main names seen on the blades.

Other examples seen are Navy (Kriegsmarine), these were also manufactured during the pre-Third Reich era, thus providing a vast range of styles including length.

The 1934 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger was produced in miniature, in high detail but without the chains.

Very ornate Forestry & Hunting daggers can have etched scenes on the blades.

Rarer miniatures include a RAD Officer dagger, and a Luftwaffe sword that are often mounted on metal or wooden propellers.

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