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With the “explosion” of dagger manufacturing during Nazi period of power, there was a subsequent increase in the production of hanging straps that were used with the daggers.

Each dagger produced during the Third Reich era would be worn with a set of straps that was authorised for that particular service. Some daggers even had field use and ceremonial use straps.
There were variations among the different manufacturers, and deluxe strap versions with the fittings differing from the standard plan items. The more deluxe patterns were more expensive than the standard items.

The Luftwaffe (Airforce) daggers, the 1st Pattern had a fixed double chain suspension hanger with various lengths, made from aluminium or nickel silver depending upon manufacturer and period of manufacturing. The 2nd Pattern daggers were worn with a double strap fabric hanger, that had velvet to the rear. The hanger buckles bore a heavily designed oak leaf pattern.

The Kriegsmarine (Navy) daggers were equipped with again with two detachable individual straps with fasteners. The actual hanger buckles depict a head of a lion and are oval – normally gold coloured.

The Heer (Army) daggers had a similar strap to the Luftwaffe daggers, but they had different style buckles bearing an oak leaf design.

The SA (Sturmbteilung) dagger had as standard a short leather strap with a buckle and clip at opposite ends. However there were alternatives to include a snap fastening that is secured around the dagger handle.

The NSKK (Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps) dagger was identical to the SA, and SA alternatives.

The SS Mans (Schutzstaffel) dagger had a similar short leather strap as standard, but as an alternative there was strap that suspended the dagger vertically.

The SS Officers dagger had a set of double chain metal hangers with links showing the SS skull and crossbones and SS sigrunnen.

The German Rifle Association (Deutsche Schutzen-Verband) dagger was traditionally about 54cm, and therefore was attached to a belt by a black or brown leather frog.

The National Forestry Service (Reichsforstdienst) dagger was also attached to a belt via a green, brown or black leather frog.

The German National Hunting Association (Reichsbund Deutsche Jagerschaft) knife was again attached to a belt via a green leather frog.

The German National Railway Daggers (Deutsche Reichsbahn) that  include the Models 1935 and 1938 that were worn by the  Bahnschutz; were a double strap hanger of fabric that had a black velvet  or purple velvet  material sown the reverse. Each hanger having an oakleaf design on the buckle.

The Postal Protection Service (Postschutz) dagger had an integral metal chain hanger, similar in respects to the chain used on 1st Pattern Luftwaffe daggers.

The Customs Service (Zolldienst) was split into the “Land Customs” and “Water Customs” departments. While both had a double detachable fabric hanger, the Land Customs dagger had green stripes with green velvet background; while the Water Customs had a black front design and a black velvet rear.

The Reichs Labour Service (Reicharbeitsdienst) or RAD had two different hangers for the standard pattern dagger – a simple leather strap and buckle that was replaces by a much stronger pattern that had a protective leather “shield” combined with a heavy duty snap clip.

The 1937 Officers dagger consisted of a brown leather strap with rectangular buckles.

The Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend or HJ) had a simple belt loop attachment riveted to the dagger sheath. The Hitler Youth Leaders Dagger had a functional black leather double strap hanger with oval buckles.

The German Air Sports Formation (Deutscher Luftspost Verband) or DLV, used a chain hanger for the early issued daggers; that was similar to the 1st Pattern Luftwaffe chains. The later daggers utilised a short leather strap that was attached to the ring on the scabbard fitting.

The Diplomats & Civil Service Officials (Diplomaten and Staatsbeamte) both adopted a double strap fabric hanger that had silver fabric to the front and black velvet to the rear.

The German Red Cross (Deutsche Rotes Kreutz) or DRK adopted a bayonet style frog for the heavy duty subordinate dagger/hewer. The much more ornate Officers dagger had two types of fabric hangers dependent upon the involvement of the Officer in either a Red Cross or Social Welfare role.

The German Air Protection Federation (Reichsluftschutzbund) or RLB had a black leather hanger that was fixed to the side of the scabbard by a metal connector on the 1st Pattern Officers & Subordiantes daggers. However with the 2nd Pattern Officers pattern a black leather double strap hanger with hangers was used.

The Technical Emergency Corps (Technische Nothilfe) or TENO followed the same pattern as the Red Cross format. The Subordinates hewer or dagger had a leather frog attached to the scabbard fitting. The Officers dagger was equipped with a dress hanger of fabric construction and a service hanger that was made from leather.

TENO Officer Dress Hanging Straps

WW2 Original TENO Officer Hanging Straps


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