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Reichszeugmei sterei RZM

classic logo of RMZ ww2 sword germany

The Reichszeugmeisterei (RZM), formally located in Munich, was the first and eventually the primary Zeugmeisterei (quartermaster’s office), as well as the national material control office of Nazi Germany. It replaced the SA-Wirtschaftsstelle, the purchasing agency of the Sturmabteilung or SA.

As early as 1925, to avoid identification problems during street fighting, Adolf Hitler ordered the wearing of brown shirts by members of the newly established NSDAP and the SA. These uniforms were complemented by brown caps which could only be purchased at the SA-Wirtschaftsstelle. Due to an increasing number of members, Hitler instructed the SA command in 1928 to establish a Zeugmeisterei in Munich. This office was responsible for the central supply of all kinds of uniforms, uniform parts and equipment to members of Nazi organizations, including the SS. Further “Zeugmeistereien” were established in other German cities, and the quartermaster office in Munich was renamed to Reichszeugmeisterei, to identify it with its leading role.

RMZ serial number, german sword ww2

The RZM office defined design, manufacturing and quality standards for not only daggers, swords and uniforms; but also down to uniform buttons!, A RZM licence could be bought  and by the middle of 1934 there were about 15,000 licensed manufacturing factories and craft producers, 1,500 tradesmen, 75,000 master tailors and 15,000 retailing shops in the German Reich.

All pieces of equipment had to be labelled with a visible RZM copyright protection symbol and a product-assigned RZM number that contained encoded data about the sector, material group, producer number and year of production.

There appears to be three different formats of RZM codes, the first type only had the Logo & makers number, the second identified the maker as well and the object, and the third could contain the maker, group reference, a batch number and year.

The RZM markings took the form of ink stamps, paper and cloth identification labels.

To demonstrate the size of the RZM as well as the manufacturing output within the Third Reich period, below are a list of RZM numbers starting with M7 that signify the manufactures of Nazi daggers and swords:

M7/1 Gebrüder Christians, Christianswerk, Solingen
M7/2 Emil Voos Waffenfabrik, Solingen
M7/3 Kuno Ritter, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/4 August Müller KG., Solingen-Merscheid
M7/5 Carl Julius Krebs, Solingen
M7/6 H. & F. Lauterjung, Solingen
M7/7 Hermann Konejung, Solingen
M7/8 Eduard Gembruch, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/9 SMF – Solinger Metallwaffenfabrik Stoecker & Co., Solingen
M7/10 J. A. Henckels, Solingen
M7/11 E. Knecht & Co., Solingen
M7/12 WMW – Waffenfabrik Max Weyersberg, Solingen
M7/12 Carl Robert Kaldenbach (duplicate)
M7/13 Arthur Schüttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald
M7/14 PDL P. D. Luneschloss, Solingen
M7/15 Carl & Robert Linder, Solingen
M7/16 Justus Brenger & Co., Solingen-Wald
M7/17 A. Werth, Solingen
M7/18 Richard Abr. Herder, Solingen
M7/19 Ed Wüsthof Dreizackwerk, Solingen
M7/20 Ernst Mandewirth, Solingen
M7/21 Hermann Schneider, Solingen
M7/22 Wilhelm Weltersbach, Solingen
M7/23 Carl Halbach, Solingen
M7/24 Reinhard Weyersberg, Solingen
M7/25 Wilhelm Wagner, Solingen-Merscheid
M7/25 Jostes & Co., Solingen (duplicate)
M7/26 Carl August Meis, G.m.b.H., Solingen
M7/27 Pumawerk (Lauterjung & Sohn), Solingen
M7/28 Gustav Felix, Gloriawerk, Solingen
M7/29 Klittermann & Moog G.m.b.H., Haan
M7/29 Jacobs & Co. (duplicate)
M7/30 Gebrüder Grafrath, Solingen-Widden
M7/31 August Merten Mw., Solingen-Grafrath
M7/32 Robt. Muller, Solingen-Merscheid
M7/33 F W. Höller, Solingen
M7/33 P.u.A. Duenzer, Solingen (duplicate)
M7/34 Rudolf C. Jacobs, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/35 Wilhelm Halback, Solingen
M7/36 E. & F. Hörster, Solingen
M7/37 Robert Klaas, Solingen-Ohligs
M7/38 Paul Seilheimer, Solingen
M7/39 Franz Steinhoff, Solingen-Wald
M7/40 Hartkopf & Co., Solingen
M7/41 Rudolf Schmidt, Solingen
M7/42 W.K.C. (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co.) Waffenfabrik, Solingen-Wald
M7/43 Paul Weyersberg & Co., Solingen
M7/44 F. W. Backhaus, Solingen-Obligs
M7/45 Karl Bocker, Solingen
M7/45 Ottersbach & Co., Solingen (duplicate)
M7/46 Emil Gierling, Solingen
M7/47 Paul Ebel, Solingen
M7/48 Otto Simon, Steinbach
M7/49 Friedrich Herder A.S., Solingen
M7/50 Gebrüder Heller, G.m.b.H., Marienthal
M7/51 Anton Wingen, Jr., Solingen
M7/52 Herbertz & Meurer, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/53 Nach. Gustav Weyersberg, Solingen
M7/54 Gottfried Müller, Rerges-Vogtei
M7/55 Robert Herder, Solingen-Ohligs
M7/56 C. D. Schaaf, Solingen
M7/57 Peter Lungstrass, Solingen-Ohligs
M7/58 Louis Perlmann, Solingen
M7/59 C. Lutters & Co., Solingen
M7/60 Gustav L. Koller, Solingen
M7/61 Carl Tillmans Sohn KG., Solingen
M7/62 Friedrich Plucker Jr, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/63 Herder & Engels, Solingen-Ohligs
M7/64 Friedr. Geigis, Solingen-Foche
M7/65 Karl Heidelberg, Solingen
M7/66 Carl Eickorn, Solingen
M7/67 Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Solingen-Foche
M7/68 Tigerwerk Lauterjung & Co., Solingen
M7/69 H.A. Erbe AG., Schmalkalden
M7/70 David Malsch, Steinbach
M7/71 Herm. Hahn, Solingen-Wald
M7/72 Karl Rob. Kaldenbach, Solingen-Grafrath
M7/73 F u. A. Helbing, Steinbach
M7/74 Friedrich Aug. Schmitz, Solingen
M7/75 Böker & Co., Solingen
M7/76 Herbeck & Meyer, Solingen-Weyer
M7/77 Gustav Schmeider, Solingen
M7/78 Herm. Linder Sohn, Solingen
M7/79 C. Bertram Reinhard & Sohn, Solingen
M7/80 Gustav C. Spitzer, Solingen
M7/81 Karl Tiegel, Riemberg
M7/82 Gebrüder Born, Solingen
M7/83 Richard Pluemacher Sohn, Solingen
M7/84 Carl Schmidt Sohn, Solingen
M7/85 Arthur Evertz, Solingen
M7/86 Kuno Liemscheid & Co., Solingen auf der Hohe
M7/87 Maich & Ambrom, Steinbach
M7/88 Juliuswerk-J. Schmidt & Sohn, Riemberg i. Schlesien
M7/89 Ernst Mandewirth, Solingen
M7/90 Eickelnberg & Mack, Solingen
M7/91 Carl Spitzer, Malsch
M7/92 Peter Daniel Krebs, Solingen
M7/93 Ewald Cleff, Solingen
M7/94 Gebrüder Bell, Solingen-Grafarth
M7/95 J. A. Schmidt & Sohn, Solingen
M7/96 Drees & Sohn, Solingen
M7/97 F Koeller & Co., Solingen-Ohligs
M7/98 Ernst Erich Witte, Solingen
M7/99 Franz Weinrank, Wien
M7/100 Franz Pils & Sobn, Wien
M7/101 Fritz Weber, Wien
M7/102 Franz Pils & Sohn, Steinbach am St.
M7/103 Josef Hack, Steyr (Ober-Donau)
M7/104 Ludwig Zeitler, Wien
M7/105 Rudolf Wurzer, St. Christophen
M7/106 Georg Kerschbaumer, Steinbach an der Steyr
M7/108 Karl Oschmann & Co., Brotterode i. Th.
M7/109 Thomas Weilpütz, Solingen-Höscheid
M7/110 Felbeck & Pickard, Solingen
M7/111 H. Herder, Solingen
M7/112 Carl Wusthof-Gladiatorwerk, Solingen
M7/113 Berndorfer Metaliwarenfabrik – Arthur Krupp AG., Berndorf
M7/114 Hugo Linder C. W. Sohn, Solingen-Weyer
M7/115 Erhardt Reich, Schwcina
M7/116 Franz Frenzel, Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
M7/117 Julius Pilz Sohn, Nixdorf (Sudetenland)
M7/118 Jacobs & Co., Solingen-Grafrath
M7/163 E. & A. Helbig, Steinbach
M7/183 Ernst E. Witte (Kroneck), Solingen
M7/941 Carl Eickhorn, Solingen
M7/1051 Robert Klaas, Solingen
M7/1053 P. D. Lüneschloss, Solingen
M7/1164 David Malsch, Steinbach Krm.
M7/1166 Emil Voos, Solingen
M7/1197 C. Gustav Spitzer, Solingen
M7/1211 E. Pack & Sohn, Solingen

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