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German sword and dagger makers of world war 2

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This is a large reference list of German sword and dagger makers.

If you would like to value your sword or dagger find out how to here.

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“HACO Berlin”
“Hugo Lindner Deltawerk”
“Wagner und Lange”
” C.G.Haenel Suhl” Read the rest of this entry »

How much is my german ww2 sword worth considering it’s maker

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The value of the edge weapon (dagger, sword, etc.) depends on several factors. Perhaps one of the most important things is the condition of the item. The better the condition the more likely the value will increase.

The German armed forces and many of the Nazi support organizations issued daggers or other edge weapons to their members. Read the rest of this entry »

How to buy and how to sell WW2 German Swords

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How to buy and how to sell with German sword buyer

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Third Reich swords


The Third Reich produced some of the most interesting edge weapons of all times. The German armed forces have a dagger or sword for just about every branch and occasion. Due to the high quality, design and rarity these blades have become very desirable and might be second only to the legendary Samurai sword.

Versailles Treaty

Versailles Treaty: The Treaty, drafted by Britain, France, and the United States, is imposed on the protesting German government.  Germany is forced to yield up territory to France (Alsace-Lorraine), Poland (the Polish Corridor, Silesia), Denmark, and Belgium, and is forbidden to unite with Austria.  Read the rest of this entry »