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List of SS/Police Sword Manufacturers

While the overall control of the Police within the Third Reich State was managed by the SS, the Police did not have any issued Nazi period daggers. However the Third Reich era Police swords were similar to their SS counterparts.

Below is a list of the main SS & Police Sword/Degen manufacturers:

  1. Puma
  2. F.W. Holler
  3. Carl Eickhorn
  4. Peter Daniel Krebs
  5. WKC
  6. Alcoso
  7. Clemen & Jung
  8. Herman Rath (Distributor)
  9. PMD
  10.   Carl Julius Krebs
  11.   Emil Voos
  12.   Arthur Evertz
  13.   Richard Herder
  14.   Robert Klass
  15.   E. Pack & Sohn
  16.   Paul Weyersberg
  17.   Anton Wingen
  18.   “Non maker marked”
WW2 German Police Officer Sword

Third Reich Police Officer Sword

WW2/Third Reich/Nazi era Police Officers Degen

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