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German airforce [Luftwaffe] sword and dagger history of ww2

Gererals airforce Luftwaffe sword ww2

The Air Force [Luftwaffe] swords and daggers

German swords and daggers were an big part of  the German military during WW2. Germany capitalized on the offensive and defensive capabilities of aviation. The potential of airpower was quickly recognized, and the Luftwaffe (Air Force) was established as a separate branch of the Armed Forces. Hitler, in an attempt to develop the embryonic Luftwaffe to the maximum extent consistent with the state of the art, designated World War I fighter ace Hermann Göring as both Commander in Chief of the Air Force and Minister of Aviation. In the latter role, Göring was a member of the Cabinet and was responsible for coordinating and supervising all civil air matters. As the Commander in Chief of the Air Force, Reichsmarshal Göring was made responsible for the administration, training, development, procurement, and maintenance of the entire Luftwaffe. Göring organized his new command into two major sections, the command section (responsible for tactical operations) and the air ministry section (responsible for the maintenance of the Air Force’s personnel and equipment and for the control of every aspect of civil and commercial aviation). The Luftwaffe was to play a very significant role throughout World War II. See some Luftwaffe swords here.

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