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DLV NSFK germany ww2

The Deutscher Luftsport-Verband (DLV) or German Airsports Club was officially formed in early 1933, by bringing together all the private and public aeronautical clubs in Germany.
There was a great deal of interest in aircraft at this time and the public imagination was caught by the well known and perhaps flamboyant nature of the well known World War One pilots.
Herman Goering being a former highly decorated World War One fighter pilot was able to create a national organisation of enthusiasts, that masked the real idea of the scheme.

The Treaty of Versailles prevented Germany from having an actual Airforce, therefore all aeronautical training was undertaken under the guise of the DLV and the later NSFK.  Not only were individuals being trained in piloting gliders but also as aircraft pilots for the main civil airline Lufthansa.

The NSFK or National Socialist Flying Corp took over from the DLV in 1937, and by this time the full extent of the paramilitary prepartiation for a large and well trained Airforce had materialised in the shape of the Luftwaffe. The NSFK was run on strict paramilitary lines, and was although voluntary could be seen as potentially exclusive. Most students were already members of the Hitler Youth, and by being taught the basics of aviation were able to undertake flights in gliders from the age of 14. After a number successful glider flights, the next stage was motorised flights that led easily to the start of formal Luftwaffe training.

The DLV Officer dagger is an extremely long third Reich dagger, that closely resembles the First Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger. Also lower ranks in the DLV were allowed to wear a dagger that was equally attractive but of a shorter length that made it a far more practical item to wear. The dagger was made with only minor differences between the different manufacturers

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