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Adolf Galland – Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot

Adolf Joseph Ferdinand Galland (19 March 1912 – 9 February 1996) was a highly decorated German Luftwaffe General and “flying ace” who served throughout World War II in Europe. He flew 705 combat missions, and fought on the Western front and in Defence of the Reich. On four occasions he survived being shot down, and he was credited with 104 aerial victories, all of them against the Western Allies.

His actual dagger or daggers or sword(s) have never been seen post WW2, but he would have had at least a 1st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger.

His flying career did not end with the ceasing of hostilities in Europe, as he went to Argentina to become a flying instructor.

He was also a person who was not above self criticism, and he made a number of interesting military quotations including:

“It’s as if an angel is pushing you” after flying the Me-262 on 22nd May 1943.

“I would rather have one Me-262 than five Me-109’s”

“In the last months we got pilots who had fifty hours total flying time, including five hours of the operational aircraft. It’s not very much”.

“Never abandon the possibility of attack. Attack even from a position of inferiority, to disrupt the enemy’s plans”.

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