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1st Leader of the Hitler Youth


Baldur von Schirach (9 May 1907 – 8 August 1974)  

Early life

Schirach was born in the capital of Germany, and was the youngest of four children of a theatre director. Ironically due to his mother being of American descent, he did not speak German until he was 5 yrs old.

On 31 March 1932 von Schirach married 19-year-old Henriette Hoffmann, the daughter of Heinrich Hoffmann; the personal photographer of Hitler.

He joined as a military cadet at10 yrs old and became a member of the NSDAP in 1925. From this he moved to a new position in Munich as the head of the (NSDStB, National Socialist German Students’ League). Further progression was made in 1933 when he was promoted head of the Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend). During his leadership he succesfully brought about a complete overhaul and provided a structure to the Hitler Youth.

He is known for the planned evacuations of children away from the cities that were being threatened by the British bombing attacks. Also after volunteering for military service in France, he was recalled for a different role.

Deemed to be too old for a leader of a youth organisation, he was made Governor of Vienna, and his original role taken by Artur Axeman.

At his position in Vienna, approximately 65,000 Jews were deported to Poland, although later in the war he did publicly criticised the harsh treatment of those that had been deported.

Schirach surrendered in 1945, and was put on trial at Nuremberg. In his defence he did denounce Hitler, the court found him guilty in 1946; and was sentenced to a 20 year prison.

Released in 1966, he retired in southern Germany, and published his memoirs before he died in 1974.

Hitler Youth Leader Dagger

The HJ Leader dagger for leaders from the rank of Stammfuhrer and above, was authorised in 1937; while production stopped in 1942. The dagger could not be purchased individually, therefore could only be received by the Order of the Baldur von Schirach or Arthur Axeman. The dagger was presented in a case and an official certificate.

This Nazi dagger is distinctive with stiletto style blade with the raised detailed HJ emblem on the top of the pommel. The blade also had the motto Blut und Ehre engraved upon it.

The cross guard has an upward inclination with a simple design around the edge. Aluminium and steel were the main metals used in the construction.

The scabbard had silver plated fittings with the HJ eagle on the locket fitting. The dagger had dark blue (nearly black) leather with a smooth grain.

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